He is as dull as an ass 



Mr. Alexander is thinking about moving to Costa Rica with his family. Persuade him to stay in the USA. Or, you can persuade him to move to Costa Rica.
-You need to use Standard American English. That includes proper punctuation.
-Ex: this is not a sentence
This is a sentence.
-You need to include a reference to a Greek myth.
-You need to underline an example of ethos, pathos, or logs, and then, label it.
-Finally, somehow, your superhero that you created needs to be in the essay.

This paper needs to be at least 250 words. DO NOT COPY FROM THE INTERNET OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

Greek Myths:
-Golden Apple
- Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse
-Icarus and Daedelus
-Persephone and Hades
-Hephaestus gets between Zeus and Hera





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