Cultural values of northern colonists

Northern Colonies Culture

Key Terms: -Mercantilism -Navigation Acts -Dominion of New England -Salutary Neglect -Enlightenment -First Great Awakening -Jonathan Edwards -George ...


The populations of the colonies were of a very diverse nature, depending on where the location was.

In the Northern Colonies, things had taken a different path, requiring much following in Christian Standards, mainly Puritan, but also with Quaker’s that the puritans accused of infiltration and corruption of religion. This caused hard work ethics, and with increased trade to corn and other native adapted product, began a triangular trading system with the lower parts of the colonies and Great Britain, France, and Spain, among other wealthy countries in Europe. It should be noted that by 1750, over 1 million inhabitants had colonized the eastern board of North America, and the infant mortality had actually dropped in the colonies in comparison to their British counterparts.

The impact of Puritan influence created very communal and traditional housing situations, proclaiming that everything should come from the bible. This could come in the form of no curtains in houses, to allow for open view for everyone to see, to the very harsh laws of flogging, hangings, and burnings. All of this created a fear of both god and fellowmen, creating a paranoid state within the colonies, although the economic impact was solid because of the structuring of all rather than oneself through god, or so they explained so violently in a Quaker’s Eyes.

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