How did the Mughals conquered Kabul


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Mughals used a method called siege warfare by surrounding cities and cutting off supplies until the city surrendered or the city defences became weak enough to attack.

In 1504 Babur besieged Kabul and took the city from the Arghuns under Mukim Beg Arghun to become the new king of Kabul and Ghazni regions. The territory gave him respite from his Uzbek troubles in Central Asia and allowed him to build his nascent kingdom into a strong and formidable power in later years, enough to be able to conquer northern India.




  1. Seach on wikipedia for kabul and mughals
  2. Locate when kabul was captured by the mughals
  3. Look for how they captured the city
  4. Look for how they captured other cities during that time and that is likely the same method used


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