How to solve pls
How to solve pls



  1. 2/3*60=40cm
  2. 40*100*80=320000cmcube
  3. 320000/1000=320litres
  4. 384-320=64litres




We will first find out the height of the water which is two-thirds of 60=40cm.

We will then find out the cubic centimeters of water in the tank by finding the volume.

We will then divide this volume by 1000 to find out the number of litres through the following property:1litre=1000cmcube

We will then subtract the answer from the previous step from 384 to find the number of litres added.



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64 liter



 1:  At first, we need to write down the known values which are given in the question.

       it is given that, width of the rectangle=80 cm

                         length of the rectangle=100 cm

                          height of the rectangle= 60 cm


 2: Secondly, we should try to understand the question properly.


 3: Thirdly, we calculate the volume of the rectangular tank by using the following formula

      Volume= length X Width X height

        So, volume of the rectangle=480000 cm $$^3$$ = 480 liter  [ 1 liter= 1000 cubic centimeter]


 4:   After that, Select a variable to represent the unknown value.

       In this question, the unknown value is the amount of water that was poured into the tank

       Assume,  $$x$$  liter of water was poured into the tank.



 5:   In the next , write down in words the terms and conditions given in the question in terms of             variable, 

        at the beginning the tank was filled up to two third of it's height that means two third of it's              volume was filled [ from the given image]

        as per given description, if we pour x liter of water into the tank than we get total 384 liter of         water.


 6:  In the last, write the word problem as an equation



      So, 2/3(volume)+x  = 384 liter

       2/3(480 liter)+x = 384 liter


7:  Finally, solve the equation so as to determine the unknown values

                                      320 liter +x = 384 liter

                                     now,  x=64 liter

       Therefore,  64 liter of water was poured in to the tank    




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