Exercise-1. The words below have been jumbled. Put them back in their right order so that they make meaningful sentences:

1. bird, our, national, peacock, is, the: The peacock is our national bird.

2. tiger, is, the, national, animal, our: The tiger is our national animal.

3. sun, moves, the, earth, round, the: The earth moves round the sun.

4. exercise, is, a , good, swimming: Swimming is a good exercise.

5. rubber, made, are, balls, of, tennis: Balls of tennis are made of rubber.

6. a, day, in, Rome, was, not, built: Rome was not built in a day.

7. wins, slow, the, race, and, steady: The race wins steady and slow.

8. wife, children, care, he, takes, of, his, and: He takes care of his wife and children.

9. happy, are, not, the, rich, always: The rich are not always happy.

10. never, forgets, an, elephant: An elephant never forgets.

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