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Nessy Spelling Strategy: Plurals -s -es

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12. Change the number of the following italicized nouns and rewrite the sentences:

      1. A child is sitting on a table. A child is sitting on two tables.

      2. The man is beating a thief. The man is beating three thieves.

      3. The ox is a useful animal. The oxen are useful animals.

      4. Clean your tooth. Clean your teeth.

      5. A shopkeeper is selling a tomato and a mango. A shopkeeper is selling four

          tomatoes and eight mangoes.


13. Fill in the blanks with proper words out of the given in brackets:

      1. The cattle are grazing in field.

      2. The news are true.

      3. Many sheep were grazing in the field.

      4. Children are playing.

      5. Oxen are in the field.


14. Change the following nouns into plural numbers:

      Pen: two pens          bag: three bags        teacher: four teachers        chair: five chairs

      Table: eight tables    school: two schools    peon: six peons       bench: nine benches 

      Story: two stories     key: ten keys       toy: three toys        body: four bodies           

      Knife: seven knives     roof: two roofs      circus: nine circuses        dress: three dresses

      Box: four boxes     child: ten children        leaf: eight leaves        match: two matches

      Book-shelf: nine book-shelves     toyman: five toymen     sheep: ten sheep       

      Deer: twenty deer        





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