Q. What is saturated solution?


A saturated solution is a chemical solution containing the maximum concentration of a solute dissolved in the solvent. ‚ÄčThe additional solute will not dissolve in a saturated solution.

The amount of solute that can be dissolved in a solvent to form a saturated solution depends on a variety of factors. The most important factors are:
  • Temperature: Solubility increases with temperature. For example, you can dissolve much more salt in hot water than in cold water.
  • Pressure: Increasing pressure can force more solute into solution. This is commonly used to dissolve gases into liquids.
  • Chemical Composition: The nature of the solute and solvent and the presence of other chemicals in a solution affects solubility. For example, you can dissolve much more sugar in water than salt in water. Ethanol and water are completely soluble in each other.


  • Adding chocolate powder to milk so that it stops dissolving forms a saturated solution.
  • Salt can be added to melted butter or oil to the point where the salt grains stop dissolving, forming a saturated solution.


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