The Radius of a circular fan is 19.5 cm. What is the Diameter in dm
Junior High
Lesson Steps:

1. Identify what we want - for us, we want the diameter
2. Identify what we have - for us, we have the radius
3. Find a useful equation - we know diameter = 2*radius
4. Calculate - 19.5cm * 2 = 39cm
5. Convert to the requested units - cm to dm needs a multiplication by 0.1


We want the diameter and we have the radius. We know diameter = 2*radius. 19.5cm * 2 = 39cm

Finally, convert to the requested units. cm to dm needs a multiplication by 0.1. The answer is then 39cm * 0.1 dm/cm = 3.9dm

Grade: 7
Level: Junior high
Subject: Math
Topic: Word problem solving

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