Why is the issue of sustainiblity important for development?


Definition for Sustainable Development or Sustainability is “that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

What do you get out from this definition?

Today’s our own progress must not hinder tomorrow’s survival ability of our children and grand children’s.

  • This is important since it is proven that the human actions in the limited space of the earth is affecting the bio-ecosystems of our world and therefore we need to mindful about our own actions. Climate temperature going higher than normal has already affected both the micro and macro organisms’ life in water and land. Now, look at your own daily living needs and your family’s living needs today.
  • How can you work out daily living mindset, in which you can reduce this effect on other organisms?
  • People have worked out clean energy, reduced garbages, car pooling, mass public transport, reusable cloth handkerchiefs and you have hundreds of examples that a school child can cite in this way of self discipling ourselves more than a corporate employee, not because it is more an important topic for him, but when we were children, our initial dose of progress was all about a green mountain and a pleasant sunrise to happiness! We were all taught to lead a conscious living!!! So to sum up, as individual development, or organisational development, or a state’s development, we need to ask this question that doesn’t harm the natural ecosystems! and that is extremely important.
  • Soil fertility is a classic example, that was handed over by hundreds of generations to their immediate next ones. But too much uses of chemical fertilisers, the natural germinating powers shall not get lost from soil; be when you use those pesticides as individual or as a private company or as a government cooperative!
  • You may get a fruit from it today; but your grandchild may not be able to harness crops naturally from the same soil.
  • May be with Artificial Intelligence and climate controlled laboratory settings may be able to germinate and mass produce fruits in extreme conditions, but the nature part will vanish from those grandchildren then, due to our today’s faster needs!; and that has been a beautiful idea gentlemen!

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