Social Science and Studying Human Society

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The Bronze Age is the period of time between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. These names refer to the materials that people used to make tools at that time. The Bronze Age began before 3000 B.C. in Greece and China, but it didn't start until 1900 B.C. in Britain. Because the Bronze Age started at different times in different areas, there is no real way to determine precisely how long it lasted, but historians estimate that for most of the world, the Bronze Age lasted about 1,500 years.
The first part of the Bronze Age is known as the Copper Age, or Chalcolithic Age, because people used copper and stone to make tools and weapons. At first, bronze was only used to make small or precious objects because of its scarcity. When it became more common, people used it to cast tools and weapons. In about 1000 B.C., the ability to heat and forge iron brought the Bronze Age to a close.

Level: College
Subject: Social science
Topic: Studying human society

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