how is liquid refrigerant added to the refrigeration system when the system is out of refrigerant?

Gauges and the proper refrigerant bottle are needed to add refrigerant. For the complete process see

To do this you need to be a certified technician as there is several things that can be done incorrectly and potentially cause damage to the refrigeration system or

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Topic: System charging

Central Air Conditioning Information : How to Recharge Central Air Refrigerant and How Often

Recharging a central air refrigerant involves hooking up the gauges and taking accurate temperature reads, but it also requires an EPA certification. Find out what it takes to charge a cooling unit with help from an AC technician in this free video on heating and cooling the home.

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Series Description: Air conditioning units and furnaces require basic maintenance and upkeep for consistent efficiency and functionality. Learn about the inner workings of air conditioning units with help from an AC technician in this free video series on heating and cooking the home.

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