Use of enough and too changes

Junior High


Too and enough. Both of these words indicate a degree. They give us more information about an adjective or an adverb or a noun.

I’m too hungry to concentrate!

So, here ‘too’ means that it is more than what is wanted or what is needed. So, it’s usually a negative thing! You are more hungry than you want to be! This is really frustrating for you because you can’t concentrate!

You’re good enough to start a conversation in English!

So here, ‘enough’ tells us that it is the amount that we want or we need. It’s the right amount and this is a positive thing! You have what is needed, you are good enough.

You’re not good enough!

Ouch! That is really mean!

Ouch! That is really mean! ‘Not enough’ means that it is  less than the amount that you want or you need. It’s a really negative thing. It’s a pretty mean thing to say.

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