Write a topic on the old age. What steps should be taken by the government to ensure the life of old age? 




Write a topic on the old age. What steps should be taken by the government to ensure the life of old age? 

Older people have different expectations these days, and that will continue to change. What might have been good enough for previous generations will not cut it in the future, and what we have is not sustainable anyway. 

The things people worry about are the same throughout life – finances, wellbeing, loneliness etc – but as people get older their feeling of being able to control these things changes. As an old man my concerns are the usual things like health, mortality, money, etc, but having a feeling of significance is also important.

For me, young people need to appreciate the experiences and skills of older people. They need to forget the idea that older age is still seen as shorthand for ill-health, inactivity and decline.

We the older people have a wealth of skills and experiences; we have lived through situations others cannot even imagine. We contribute on a macro level to the workplace and financially and at a local level to our communities and individual networks in terms of experience. We have also contributed for many decades which is something which is often forgotten, and many older people also contribute to the economy informally – by caring for their grandchildren or other family members.

There are so many simple things that could be improved to make the older age life more easier. We need to focus on extending the “environment” to include people’s homes. Local authorities should review their funding policies to ensure home solutions such as telecare and assistive technology are free to all with substantial need. This supports a reduction in demand on other healthcare services. Also we need to improve the environment to make it more adaptable for old ages, like well-placed benches for people to rest if they can’t walk so well, public toilet provision and thoughtful use of lighting and colour to aid those with dementia can be the difference between being active and housebound.


At the end we must not forget that every positive action implemented in our days will benefit us directly as in the time we will definitely become old ages too.  

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