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The answer to these fill in the blanks are as below:(Sequentially)

1. won't come (because the situation depicts future tense) ;

    will ring (because the situation depicts future tense).

2. don't; (Simple present tense with negation)

    will call (because the situation depicts future tense)

3. is; (present tense  should be used in the present situation)

    would lend (because the situation depicts future tense and hence future tense of lend would be used here)

4. would have/could have (We use would have in past conditionals to talk ab     out something that did not happen: eg. If it had been a little warmer we would      have gone for a swim)

    would go/could go (future tense with a verb can be used here for wishful stat     ements)

5. don't get; (Negation of the verb can be used according to the usage of the         sentence)

   would fail (future tense of fail will be "would fail". The sentence depicts the ftuture condition of the statement. )

6. arrive; (simple present tense of arrive is arrive)

    would get (Past of (future tense) of get)

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