There is a close relationship between forest and wildlife,why?


Forests and Wildlife are very closely related because:

  • A Forest is an area which is largely dominated by trees of different types. It can also include shrubs, grasses, and different types of soil and rocks.
  • Wildlife traditionally refers to undomesticated plants, animals and other micro fauna & flora. These wild organisms usually prefer to inhabit places not disturbed or altered by humans and human activities.

Forests are terrestrial ecosystems or habitats a wild organism prefers to live in.

Terrestrial ecosystems are of 5 types -

  1. Taiga
  2. Tundra
  3. Grasslands
  4. Deciduous forests & Tropical rainforests…
  5. Deserts

        A large part of terrestrial Biodiversity is concentrated in Forests.

  • Wildlife and Forests are heavily dependent on each other since Wildlife forms forests and helps them sustain and grow. In return, Forests provide wild organisms with food, shelter and other resources.

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