difference between modran machines and traditional machines


Basically two types of machining process have been used for metal cutting or machining process. Conventional and Non-Conventional machining processes are divided according to contact between tool and work material. Can anyone tell me the basic difference in these two processes, which machining process is applicable for Composite materials.

  1. Conventional machines/traditional machines :- Machines that are driven or operated with the help of human resorce is termed as conventional machines. Example :- - Small scale welding . - Small scale moulding. - Laithing. - Making of small vechiles such as bicycles.
  2. Non-conventoinal machines/modern machines :- Machines which are fully automated in which there is no need of human resource to control the functions of the machines. These may be controlled by an pre-programmed computer or a robot. Examples :- - Painting units of car manufacturing companies. - Welding units of cars . - Manufacturing process dealing with high temrature and extremely low temprature where humans are not able to work.


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