Growing plants can reduce the green house effects do you agree explain

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Growing plants can reduce the greenhouse effects. To answer this question in a dynamic way we have to base our opinion on recent studies realized in the area of plantation and greenhouse effects and after reading some of these researches we have come to the conclusion that growing plants can help in: 

  1. Reduction of lawn area due to replacement by the garden.
  2. Reduction of vegetables purchased from the grocery store.
  3. Reduction in the amount of grey water sent to treatment facilities due to diversion to irrigate the garden.
  4. Reduction in amount of household organic waste exported to treatment facilities due to home composting.
  5. Organic household waste is composted for use in the garden.

Also we found that (gardens) could reduce emissions by over 2 kg CO2e kg vegetable, but that results were sensitive to the alternative methods for processing household organic waste."

In the end, the main reduction from growing plants comes from diverting food waste from the landfill, where it rots and emits methane and nitrous oxide. Food waste must be properly composted to prevent the emissions.

Growing plants then forgetting about it ends up emitting more greenhouse gases than if you never started.

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