Guiding Principles

We ask everyone to follow three guiding principles

  1. Ask questions about how to do something
  2. Create lessons with steps that demonstrate how to solve the problem
  3. Give thumbs up to everything that is helpful and flag any thing that is out of place or needs improvement

Thank you for creating a positive learning community

Terms of service

This is an agreement between you and hwkhlp, which may be contacted at tutor at By using the hwkhlp app available on your mobile device and or the web site you agree to the following terms of service. If you do not agree please do not use apps and or other services. This agreement is subject to change at any time at the discretion of hwkhlp.

Acceptable Use policy

  1. Ask appropriate questions about home work that you and others will find helpful. Any other content will be removed, this is decided at the discretion of staff
  2. Create lessons which teach people how to complete a problem
  3. Treat others with respect and positivity. Any users who do not will be removed from the system, this is decided at the discretion of staff
  4. When creating a lesson you are responsible ensuring the content is your own or is copyright free. Please do not plagiarize
  5. When you encounter inappropriate content or behaviour please report it immediately


  1. The questions you ask and lesson you create are made publicly, please sure you do not include you name, address or location in any pictures or text.
  2. By uploading content to the hwkhlp you give permission to hwkhlp to use and redistribute the content with no restrictions

Copyright holders

If you own the copyright of any material which you require moved, please send removal requests to tutor at

Revision date

This Agreement was last revised on Sept 11 2015